Hello my loves,

I'm Sophie.


Wild Rose Wellness is my soul transmission, birthed from my own spiralic journey of many descents on the feminine spiritual path.

My soul guided me back to the Sacred Wild Feminine through a profound healing journey integrating wounding from sexual trauma & PTSD, life-crippling body dysmorphia & disordered eating, and a long 6-year journey to regain my menstrual cycle holistically; regaining my blood on Christ-mas morning 2018 (the best Christmas present ever!)

I returned home to my feminine gifts & power through this descent into the underworld and down into my pussy & womb.  Quite literally embarking on a 4.5 year journey of conscious celibacy & delving into my solo Tantric journey.

Perhaps you can recognise yourself in this archetypal Heroine's journey?...

Now, it's my life's purpose & greatest joy to hold a torch for those on a similar path, because that's what it's all been for.

For those who appreciate astrology insights, here's a glimpse into my cosmic makeup: I'm an Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, and Pisces Rising, accompanied by Venus and Mercury in Pisces in the 12th house. To add intensity, Scorpio is in my 8th house (!), with a generous dose of Sagittarius energy in my 9th house.

For those of you who just read gibberish ;)... You can count on me as a rebel who fights for the underdog and has always been the 'black sheep'. Firey af, direct, honest, and passionate. With a huge romantic heart, empathy that spans oceans, and intuitive depth like the ocean. A Temple Priestess/Tantrika/Witch in every lifetime. With a deep love for travel, continuous learning through training, and sharing wisdom through teaching.

I hope to learn about what makes you up too, and not just your astrology (as much as I adore feeling into that!)  Your dreams, passions, shadows, and the inner parts of your psyche that make us endlessly interesting & unique!  All of you is welcome here.

Sophie, founder of Wild Rose Wellness, feminine empowerment, spiritual awakening, Sacred Feminine Mysteries, holistic development, self-discovery, Eros, temple priestess, menstrual cycle awareness, feminine wholeness, Rose Lineage.
Sophie, founder of Wild Rose Wellness, feminine empowerment, spiritual awakening, Sacred Feminine Mysteries, holistic development, self-discovery, Eros, temple priestess, menstrual cycle awareness, feminine wholeness, Rose Lineage.

I had my first embodied experience of being a vessel when I received the name ‘Wild Rose Wellness’ about a decade ago working with my first Wise Woman mentor when I was facing a pattern that was keeping me stuck & unhappy. She said, “a rose learns to embrace her thorns”, and this sentence awoke something within me; it spoke to my soul in ways I was unable to comprehend at the time. I deeply connect with the archetype of the Wounded Healer, and am passionate about sharing the medicine of embracing our ‘thorns’.

I'm a devotee to Eros, and Venus! This infuses my life with vitality & juiciness, and it's my passion to guide and support you in embracing this way of moving through the world, which starts with our own healing & feminine embodiment and ripples out.

My soul has evolved through the Rose Lineage Priestess Path, and my reason for being is to hold a transmission of this sacred path, and ultimately to be in service to union. Union with our full selves (all the parts of our psyche that make us so unique, our innate sexuality, our inner masculine, & thriving in our feminine essence.)  And of course with the Primordial Feminine (in her many forgotten faces & forbidden flavours) whom we carry in our veins & womb, and with the Cosmic Masculine aka Father/Beloved Logos/God.  It's all about wholeness & eros around here! ;)

Wild rose symbol in gold, artistically crafted to reflect Wild Rose Wellness' commitment to feminine empowerment and spiritual growth. These symbols, ranging from sacred geometric patterns to representations of the feminine divine, embody the essence of holistic wellness, sensuality, and the Sacred Feminine Mysteries, resonating with the themes of cyclical living and menstrual cycle awareness.

Relevant Training / Certifications / Background...


500+ hour British Wheel of Yoga Hatha/Embodied Relational/Scaravelli Yoga Teacher Training Triyoga, London, U.K. (2015/2016)

Shamanic Breathwork Master Practitioner, trained by Linda Star Wolf, Venus Rising Association for Transformation, North Carolina, U.S.A (2017)

Alchemy of Touch Transformational Bodywork Certificate, Alchemy of Touch Transformational Bodywork Academy, Ko Phangan, Thailand (2017)

Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma CourseCNM, Year 1, London, U.K. (2018)

Sacred Cacaoista Apprenticeship Certification, Rebekah Shaman, Ibiza, Spain (2018)

Foundations of Aromatherapy Certificate Program, New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, New York, U.S. (2019)

Feminine Embodiment Facilitator Training, Tantric Alchemy School of Awakened Arts, Cerro Chirripó, Costa Rica (2019)

Tarot for the Wild Soul, Lindsay Mack, Tarot for the Wild Soul School, Online (2019~2021)

Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator Training, Alchemy of Breath, Online (2020~2021)

Wise Womb Medicine Apprenticeship, Naomi Love, Online (2021~)

Trauma-Informed Somatic Erotic Educator Training, Somatic Institute for Women, Online (2020~2021)

Vital Integrated Tantric Approach (VITA) Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching, Layla Martin, Online & In-Person (2022~)

Sacred Body Awakening Facilitator Training, Anaiya Sophia, Occitan France (2022)

The Art of Touch Tantra Massage RetreatThalia DeviMexico (2023)

The Avalon Rose Chapel Priestess Training, Annabel Du Boulay, Online & Glastonbury (2023~2024)

5 years of weekly Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, with Sue Fox (2013~2018)

Ongoing Experiential & Somatic Psychotherapy and Mentorship, with Michael Gay (2020~)


With great thanks to all my teachers past & present.